Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Billionaire's Toy by T.B. Weakes

I was asked through my page to review this book. So I checked it out online. One of the first things the author makes sure everyone knows is Ali, the main female character, has big boobs. Everyone comments on it. The story starts off in a small town then moves to NYC. Ali begins to fall for her boss Carter. And it goes from there. But it ends in a cliff hanger. I hate those. So I shall have to wait and see for the next book. Besides the cliffhanger and the mentions of Ali's boobs in the beginning of the book, it was very well written.

Alisha Clark has been Carson Reid´s secretary for an agonizing year, the chemistry between them burning beneath the surface. As soon as they express their feelings for each other at the office party, their relationship reaches boiling point. The following morning Alisha is faced with a daunting proposition: does she cut ties with her imposing boss once and for all, or does she take up his offer and give herself over to him in every way imaginable?

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