Saturday, July 12, 2014

Guardian by Sara Mack

Let me start off by saying, the first few chapters, make sure you have tissues! The story is about Emma, and how she deals with the loss of her first love James. The book starts off at his funeral. Over the course of the book you see Emma go through several stages of grief. She goes from denial, to wanting to be with James, depression to finally acceptance. But she does not go through it alone. She has the help of her parents, her best friend Shel, and Jame's friend Matt. She slowly begins to heal and start living again.The ending throws you for a loop also. It makes you reread it several times.

This story hit home for me for a few reasons. The main one being dealing with the loss of someone you love. I lost my best friend in Iraq 4 years ago. His widow is my best female friend, my adopted sister. I saw her in Emma. Watching her go through everything. So if it connected with me, I can only imagine how many other people it has connected with.

And it is very rare a story makes me cry as much as this one did. I really wish to read the other books now to see the rest of Emma's story.

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