Monday, July 28, 2014

Sanctum by Cameo Renae

One again, Cameo has done it with her amazing story telling. Sanctum is book 2 in the After Light Saga. It picks up right where ARV3 left off and goes right from there.

We see the love story between Abi and Finn evolve and become stronger. We also see a lot more action. As Abi, Finn, and other survivors head towards the next bunker. But things go wrong along the way and they end up in no mans land. And where they find Sanctum.

I loved this book for several reasons. It has a little of everything, love, action, hope, despair, tears, laughs and anger. And it all flows one right into each other. So you could be laughing one paragraph, then crying the next! I love the story between Abi and Finn. They are meant for each other. But I also enjoy how devoted they are to the others from the Hive. How they think of everyone else.

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