Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Secret of Isobel Key, by Jen McConnel

                 The Secret of Isobel Key, written by Jen McConnel is part of a series. The first book starts with our main character Lou or Louisa as she quits her job. From there we meet her roommate and best friend Tammy. Tammy has a Christmas gift for the two of them from her parents, a trip to Scotland! At first Lou does not want to go, but Tammy convinces her.
                  We learn from the start that things are not ok between Lou and her mom. We can see tension that continues through the book. Over in Scotland the girls meet Brian, a handsome, Scottish tour guide. (Accent anyone?) While over there Lou wants to learn about the Scottish Witch Trials. While looking through a library she finds the file about a woman names Isobel Key. The file only has that she was arrested for witchcraft. But it does not say what happens to her. Lou embarks on a quest to find out the story of Isobel Key. Little does she know that this quest will change her life. Murder, a new love, a family and fights with her best friend, Lou changes while in Scotland. What will the second book bring?

            So this book caught my eye for 2 reasons. 1) I am a big history buff. So the Scottish Witch Trials was a huge draw. 2) Scotland= accent= HAWT guy named Brian.
            I knew that witch trials had happened in England and here in the US. I had no idea Scotland had some too. But for Scotland it was a little different. Learning about that put more ideas into my head. I enjoyed how the writer went between present time and the past. Giving a well rounded view about Isobel Key. During certain parts you can actually see and smell what is going on. The only thing I did not like was the fighting between Lou and Tammy. It made Tammy seem like a spoiled little twit. But towards the end she took her head out of her ass.

             Cannot wait for the second book to come out!

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