Saturday, April 19, 2014

Destined ( The Destined Series) By Jenn Pizzi

So first book is Destined. It is part of the Destined Series, not all are out yet.

The main character is Lilly. When she was 12 her home burned down killing her parents. She was the lone survivor. She moves in with the best friend Amy and her family. Flash forward 5 years they are attending Plymouth School, a boarding school. Everything seems to be normal except for Lilly's nightmares. They seem so real. One day she finds out why.

While out with her boyfriend Keith and her friend Amy, Lilly is almost hit by a car. She is saved by a guy named Seth. After that everything comes crashing down. Shortly after she learns she is the gatekeeper and has to protect the world pretty much. She is the one who can save the light from the dark. The whole good vs evil battle. She learns about her real parents, begins to see her past lives and learns her love life is crazy! Will she win? Or will she allow the world to be destroyed by darkness? Cannot wait to see what happens!

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