Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning  is a blow your mind series. So many plot twists, sex, and mysteries. We start off meeting our main character Mac. She is over in Dublin, Ireland to find the person or persons who murdered her sister. But things are not what they seem in Dublin. Shortly after getting there she starts seeing things. What could it be? Then she meets Jericho Barrons. (More about him in a bit.) From there she spends the next several months learning and fighting Fae with him. Finding out the truth about her life and her sister's death.  She finds others like her, meets people who want to kill her just for being her and yet others who want to use her. Mac realizes that she might not make it through all this alive, but she is going to try to save those she loves.

First off, I LOVED the series. There were a few part I hated. I hated the character Dani. Annoying little twit. But I loved the slow love story between Mac and Barrons. It starts out just as business then slowly evolves from there. Watching them both fall in love with the other is so cute. He does some crazy things in order to ensure Mac stays alive. He always tends to call her Ms. Lane unless certain things are happening. But you gotta read to know.  The way she loves her family no matter what goes on is another thing I love. The way she fights for them even after what happens. She proves certain sayings.

Jericho Barrons is HAWT. He has that raw sex appeal. Then there is Vlane, the Seelie Fae. Who whenever Mac sees, she wants to just jump his bones because of the sex he throws off. I mean who wouldn't want that? Both men are described as nothing less than Gods. Both fight for the love of Mac. They both want her loyalties.

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