Sunday, May 4, 2014

Three Days of Rain by Christine Hughes

Three days of Rain is the story of Jake. He was very unlucky in love. The love of his life Madison had left him two years ago and he still was not over her. By chance while driving to work he changes the tire of a young woman named Lily. Little did he know how much she would change his life. Does Jake and Lily have a happy ever after? Or is Jake unable to move on from Madison?

First off, I cried, a lot. Jake has had it rough. And Christine knows just the flashbacks to show us how. It is not hard to feel for him. Nor is it hard to fall for Lily. She has that innocence around her. You just want to plan her perfect white wedding. The way Madison was written, makes it hard to feel sorry for her. But is that they way the author wanted it? You will just have to read and find out!

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