Friday, May 30, 2014

Hot guys :)

Let's talk about some HOT HOT HOT book guys. There's the guys from the Lord of the Underworld series, Black Dagger Brother Hood, Luxen series, Jace Wayland, Mangus Bane and soooooo many more. The authors who write about these males know what we readers are looking for. Abs, eyes, smiles, muscles and heart. They always start at the same. Brooding, alone, egotistical, only care about themselves or their mission. Take Paris, keeper of promiscuity from the series Lords of the Underworld. He is a man whore. He can only sleep with a person one time and that is it! But by the end of his book, he has found his true love and is able to feed his demon with sex with her. And THAT is what we love to read. How the man goes from macho to a puddle of goop for his true love. But getting her is never easy.

Now let's talk about the bad bad boys. The hot villains in stories. We love them all just as much as we love the good guys.Sometimes you want them more than the good guy! Most bad guys want the same thing, the good guy's girl. It makes them happy to thwart the good guys game. And the muscles. *sigh*

Either way, good or bad, we love us some book boyfriends as we call them. I know I have several :) In fact one was written just for me! So comment and tell me who YOUR book boyfriend is.

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