Friday, August 8, 2014

Breaking Free by SM Koz

Kelsie Sullivan’s life has changed forever. The once outgoing cheerleader has a secret to hide. The car accident that killed her best friend Jenna? She caused it.

With an absent father and unforgiving stepmother, Kelsie has nowhere to turn. She manages her guilt and grief with razor blades. The fleeting release she experiences becomes an obsession and soon she's unable to hide it any longer. Once her cutting is revealed, Kelsie’s parents enroll her in a Wilderness Therapy program designed to rehabilitate troubled teens, but North Carolina is a world away from California.

Kelsie fights against everything the program has to offer until she befriends JC, a boy with a tortured past of his own. He’s also the only one who is able to ease her pain. The two grow close, but quickly discover that nature—both human and otherwise—can easily rip them apart.

So I had to read this book a few times to make sure I was understanding the twist. It is a very emotional book from page one on. You will feel for Kelsie and JC. Each time a new heart ache for Kelsie is written you heart breaks for her a little more, you begin to just want to reach into the book and hold her. There are some parts where you wonder if Kelsie is going to make it. She struggles so much. But you see her slowly come alive around JC. Could he be the one to fully heal her? Or will he leave her once he learns her truth? You have to read this story. You have to see what happens. I can promise you, you will not put the book down.

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